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Visiting The Boutique / COVID

Safety Measures

1, It is Appointment Only.

2, You can bring two adult guests only with you, if you wish to bring any more guests, then you must call the boutique first or email to discuss, otherwise entry may be refused.

3, Your guests must stay seated at all times.

4, No handling or touching of any dresses or accessories, this will be done solely by staff

5, You must agree that you and your guests are fit and well and are showing no signs of a temperature or are feeling unwell and have not been exposed to the virus in the last 14 days.

The shops hand sanitizer is available for use at any time you require it, or if needed.

7, There will be no use of the toilet available to you or your guests during your visit.

8, The bride must bring her own shoes for trying on with the dresses.

Thank-you x

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